Wilfried Bero (ACBA)

Wilfried Bero

Senior Energy Transition Geoscientist


Wilfried Bero is a business oriented Geoscientist, with international experience in geological resources management to meet the world’s energy demand. Over the past decade, he has been committed to the analysis of natural reservoirs for Oil & Gas fields production in the North-Sea (Dutch off-shore) and in West Africa (Nigeria & Cameroon). He has also contributed to feasibility studies to assess the potential of deep lying geological reservoirs that could be suitable for CO2 geological sequestration (CCS) in the Paris Sedimentary Basin (France).

He considers taking the lead in creating solutions to move towards a net-zero future as fundamental. Being originated from a place directly facing climate change consequences such as natural disasters (flooding, category 5 hurricanes and sea level rise), he is personally engaged in designing a new carbon neutral to even carbon negative economy. As part of his life was spent on volcanic islands in the Caribbean (Martinique & Guadeloupe) he is an advocate of in-situ nature-derived solutions to scale-up renewable energies (especially Geothermal & Hydrogen) and other Carbon Dioxyde Removal (CDR) technologies including Direct Air Capture and Storage (DAC+S) and Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS). 

Wilfried is combining both his geosciences skills & business acumen to mitigate global warming for the current and next generations to come.