Safae Irghis (ACBA)

Safae Irghis

Country Representative - Morocco


Since September 2022, Safae has held the position of Country Representative in Morocco at the African Circular Business Alliance. In this capacity, she has been instrumental in facilitating the implementation of program plans within the country on an adhoc-basis, while also proactively cultivating networks and sustaining relationships with key industry stakeholders in Morocco.

Safae’s professional journey commenced with her tenure at a distinguished algorithmic and discretionary trading firm located in the United States. There, she specialized in the Foreign Exchange and Futures markets, assuming the role of a software engineer. In this role, Safae undertook the development of non-critical financial software tailored to the firm’s requirements. Subsequently, she transitioned to the firm’s front office, assuming responsibility for conceiving, constructing, and enhancing a performance surveillance dashboard dedicated to monitoring trade performance.

In addition to her accomplishments within the financial sector, Safae made substantial contributions to the circular economy roadmap of a prominent mining entity in Morocco. Her primary responsibilities encompassed offering strategic guidance to the client on matters related to carbon capture and the effective management of mining waste.

Safae’s academic background is equally impressive, as she holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon.