ACBA Executives (8)

Nair de Sousa

Director for Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage


Nair de Sousa is a young Angolan geoscientist, researcher and currently sits as the Director for Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage at the African Circular Business Alliance (ACBA). Her duties include building partnerships and carbon management advisory for planning financial strategies related to Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation. She also seeks business opportunities among the African continent with the objective of influencing the generation of a functional Carbon Market with strong regulatory frameworks that govern carbon capture, transport, storage, and utilisation. Nair leads the ACBA’s geoscience and engineering team responsible for research development and data collection of relevant knowledge for building maps and 3D models of known African storage facilities for accessing the current regional geological storage potential and measuring the scale and design necessary for building regional CO2 transport infrastructures.

Nair also devotes her time in building her skills in oilfields management for Carbon Capture Utilisation, Storage and Geoconservation Planning and Strategies, which are her great passions. In her most recent research, Nair decided to dig into prospects for carbon capture and storage opportunities in Angola by examining the deployment opportunities and its main barriers. She previously published an outline that demonstrates her intention and approach to a proposed National Plan for regulatory frameworks in GeoConservation Planning and Strategies in Angola as part of her outreach to stakeholders and government officials entitled “Encouraging Conservation of the Angolan Geological Heritage.”

Nair is a member of the Global Women´s Network for the Energy Transition where she advocates for Policy Development of low-cost technologies that reduce the worst impacts of Climate Change. Nair graduated with a BSc. in Petroleum Geology and decided to further her studies in Academic Writing in Geosciences (EUS), MSc. Reservoir Evaluation and Management in the United Kingdom. She now intends to take the Energy Risk Professional certification and a PhD in Conservation of Geological Heritage. Nair is a 2021 Mandela Washington Fellow Alumni and the Yali experience has transformed her vision and the way she sees herself in society as she becomes more concerned about her duties within her community.