ACBA Executives (9)

Dr Gamuchirai Mutezo (PhD)

Chief Operations Officer

Director of Circular Business Models


Dr Gamuchirai Mutezo has 12 years work experience underpinned by entrepreneurship, project management, renewable energy, and a keen focus on decentralising energy in African cities using anaerobic digestion. She is the Chief Operations Officer of the African Circular Business Alliance (ACBA) and oversees the company’s daily business operations and administration. Some of her duties include supporting her team with the necessary resources to drive the company’s vision and impact, as well as exploring local and international entrepreneurship trends and partnerships towards the green economy and clean energy sub-sectors. 

Her skill set include but not limited to project management and strategic planning, business operations and development, stakeholder management, leading teams to achieve deliverables, problem solving, resilience and tenacity, peculiar attention to detail, ability to probe for quality, excellent communication skills (written and oral), flexibility to operate in different environments as well as empathy. She holds a B. Town and Regional Planning from the University of Pretoria, an MPhil Energy Poverty and Development from the University of Cape Town, Project Management Certificate from the University of South Africa and a DPhil in Urban Biogas and Circular Economy from the University of the Witwatersrand. Dr Gamuchirai Mutezo also a member of the South African Biogas Industry Association (SABIA), South African Planning Institute (SAPI) and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). Anti-Silos and Pro-Collaboration, hence her multidisciplinary interests and experiences.