Cinematographer / Video Editor

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Location: Lagos, Nigeria 

Position Summary: We are looking for a creative, talented and digitally-focused Cinematographer / Video Editor to join our team. As a Cinematographer / Video Editor, you will work with our in-house teams to create compelling and exciting videos that will engage with our audience. Our ideal candidate has a solid knowledge of camera equipment, lighting and editing software.

What the Representation Entails

As a Cinematographer / Video Editor, you will be required to:

  • Create video content (in-house and on the field as assigned) with high visual impact
  • Analyzing the story structure and deciding on a visual approach with the media team
  • Conducting research regarding available locations, props, sun position, and weather conditions at the prospective project sites
  • Selecting and sourcing required equipment & tools
  • Ensure proper organisation and safekeeping of video footage and logs
  • Assist with events coverage as required
  • Visiting locations and taking a series of test shots before deciding on the angles, filers, film stock, framing, equipment, lighting, and techniques that will be used to create the desired atmosphere of the film
  • Willingness to often travel to the project site when required (NB: travel and accommodation fees will be covered by the organisation)

Cinematographer Requirements

  • Creative and extensive experience working as a Cinematographer / Video Editor
  • Stamina and physical strength
  • The ability to spend time away from home
  • A passion for film, cinematography, video editing and a good eye for detail, and excellent hand-eye coordination
  • A bachelor’s degree (N.B: undergraduates with creative skills are strongly encouraged to apply)


Kindly note that this is a voluntary role in which we offer the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to acquire (additional) professional and practical experience/skill
  • You get to be officially recognised as a Cinematographer / Video Editor of the organisation “African Circular Business Alliance”
  • We connect you with opportunities and network in the course of the project or other activities of the organisation
  • You may use the organisation’s name “African Circular Business Alliance” and your affiliation as a Cinematographer / Video Editor on your social media profiles, biography, and in pursuit of other professional advancement opportunities
  • You also get to be officially recognised in our projects as a Contributor, as well as other opportunities that may unfold in the coming years

How To Apply

Kindly send us your CV/Resumé via email and also attach links to any showreel or previous video/editing work done by you. Email and use Cinematographer / Video Editor as the subject line.